A Simple Pear Galette Is The Perfect Dinner Party Finale

February 17, 2022

Our pear tree was really productive this year and when all the pears ripened seemingly at once, we had to get creative. Pears in lunch boxes. Pears canned as pear butter. Pears in oatmeal. Pears halved and frozen. And pears for dessert in these pear galettes. I’m a big fan of galettes! I love that they’re simple – less than 10 ingredients and no special pan! – and IMO they’re insanely delicious.

I’ve made quite a few galette recipes over the years but this one is my favorite. The dough is perfectly flakey and most of the sweetness comes from the fruit. The combination is a not-too-sweet, rustic, and perfectly fall dessert that’s great to serve for a weeknight family meal or a dinner party. This recipe is adapted from Once Upon A Chef’s rustic apple tart recipe changed to our preferences and to make use of the ingredients we stock in our pantry. Improvise, substitute, change it as you like…galettes are forgiving!

Another thing I love about galettes, they can be dressed up or down. If you want a really pretty galette, use pears that are just just barely ripe that way they they hold their shape when you slice them and then lay them in a pinwheel. Our pears were on the ripe side of ripe and mushed together a lot. Equally as delicious and still pretty, but less perfect.

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