Fit Over 50 Female Weight Loss Transformation

January 5, 2022

Today Im sharing with you a fit over 50 female weight loss transformation that is absolutely jaw dropping.  At the age of 55 Jackie has totally transformed her body and her internal health losing.  We could not be more proud of her for the changes that she made in her life, the hard work she put in and the impact she will have on so many.

Fit Over 50



Jackie’s Results

Day 1– Weight 175 lbs, Stomach 39 1/4″, Hip 43 3/4″, Body Fat %- 43.46%

Last Day– 121 lbs, Stomach 28″, Hip 35″, Body Fat% 17.9%

Totals– Lost 54 lbs, Down 11 1/4″ Off Her Stomach, Down 8 3/4″ Off Her Hips and Down 25.56% Bodyfat


Jackie’s Story

When I was younger I used to get made fun of because of how small I was.  I am only 4’11” and back then was very thin. Over the years I did put some weight on and liked my body with more curves.

In the last 10 plus years I had changed the way I ate, not in a good way and it did start to catch up on me. Now in my 50’s no matter how active I was the weight kept piling on.I started trying every diet that was out there, even some that my Dr. had suggested and was left heavier and even more frustrated. 

Fit Over 50 Bikini Body


I had tried the stimulock diet but failed with it.One of the diets required drops under my tongue but was extreme low calorie and no exercise.  Did I lose weight? Yes almost 20 lbs in a month but as soon as I started eating normal food again I gained more than I lost. I then tried Juice Plus but for me it caused more problems with my blood sugar levels and I had gained weight on this diet as well.

My ribs and back hurt so bad that I was desperate to lose the weight even after seeing the GI specialist.

We all have seen tv shows where obese people could lose with a personal trainer. I googled to find the Best Personal Trainer in the surrounding area and found Hitch Fit with Micah LaCerte.   I knew he could help because he was in amazing shape and had a huge resume of success stories. He not only talked the talk, he walked the walk. My first visit with Micah he said he could not only help me lose weight but also help the pain in my ribs.  He explained that I had been experiencing so much pain because of all of the visceral fat was pushing on my rib cage. On top of that the fat was suffocating my organs. The truth hit me hard but I was ready for change.

Lose Back Fat


Who knew???not even the doctors could tell me that. Of course I knew I was fat so he didn’t offend me with his honesty. It was amazing, within weeks no more pain in my ribs and never again since.

I ended up picking Hitch Fit Gym for multiple reasons, it was private 1 on 1 gym that focuses on transformation, their whole system is based off results and the gym was far enough from my home that nobody would know me nor would anyone know I was going through this journey.  I wanted full focus and a positive circle to help push me to a great place.

Fit Over 50 Female


When people started noticing my weight loss and found out where I was going they thought I was crazy to drive so far just to workout (almost an hour each way).  It was so worth it. Micah told me on first visit I would finish around 125lbs I told him he was crazy, haha.  I was 175lbs that day and hadn’t been in the 120’s that small since I was very young. My Goal was to get 30 off and I thought I would be happy would be happy.

I had hit the 30 lb mark and it felt so good that I wanted to keep going and reach that goal Micah set day 1. There were 3 very important factors.   The nutrition was very important but  I would weight lift multiple times per week and also do cardio many days per week.

Fit Over 50 Mom


Losing the weight was great but the change in my mental stress from these changes I made helped me feel so much better, my confidence, energy, sleep and stress were all better.

Everything is different, my skin feels better and now have pinpointed all food allergies through this process. I always keep labs before and after my diets. With this one also. What a difference Dr couldn’t believe how well things went and I have now learned far more than a diet, I have learned a lifestyle and will keep the weight off.

Fit 55 Year Old


I am going to be honest, I never wanted anyone to see my before pics, I felt awful that day 1 weighing 175 lbs, I was extremely embarrassed but by the end of my journey I weighed in at 121 lbs, healthy, fit and strong!!  Even writing this now makes me feel very emotional, I accomplished something so amazing, LIFE CHANGING and happy to share this journey with anyone who will listen.  It will change your life is you follow it!! They put belief in you, then you start believing!!

My emotions were high that day, I couldnt even tell Micah exactly how much I was thankful for his help. I would have broke down in tears. He changed my life, he was always honest with me and never made me feel bad. He gave me the confidence that I could do it. I wasn’t perfect in my journey but nobody is and I learned so many lessons. I also learned a new lifestyle, The Hitch Fit Lifestyle, so that I can stay healthy and fit forever

Fit And Healthy Over 50


Taking care of your health is so important, I feel like a new woman in my mid 50’s with so much to look forward too and living my life fully each and everyday.

Its not too late to make change.  If I can do this, so can you. All I can say is I wish I would of done this sooner but so thankful to of found them and gone through this life changing experience.

Hitch Fit, Micah and the entire team knows exactly what needs done to achieve your goals.  There is simply no one else out there better at transforming lives!! Cannot beat them at their trade. They are excellent trainers, compassionate, and live by what they teach. I am so lucky to have choose them to make such a difference in my life. Thank you Hitch Fit!!!!

Hitch Fit Gym


Ps.  When I hit my 50 lbs of fat loss mark Micah put a weighted vest on me to workout one day, reminding me what it was like to walk around at 175 lbs and 50lbs overweight. I never want to be that heavy again, it was miserable carrying that weight again on my knees, back and self esteem.  That was a giant eye opener, the impact that made on me made me realize how sick I was but also how far I had come.

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