Fit over 60 Weight Loss success

January 1, 2022

Fit over 60 Weight Loss Success.

Maybe you are over 60 and think it’s not possible to improve your health, your fitness and strength levels. If that’s you, you are about to be so inspired by Cat’s story! Cat is no stranger to Hitch Fit. In 2014, she was a one on one client at our gyms in Kansas City. Fast forward several years later, and she was ready for a tune up! We are always here to help clients get TO a healthy place, or to get back to that place if things fall off track (which they do! Life happens!)

This time around, Cat worked with me through our Online Personal Training option. It was wonderful to see her really embrace healthy habits, and the focus this time has been on really making them lifestyle habits that she can implement for the long term! She has shed over 33 pounds of fat, and gained strength and energy through this process.

Congrats Cat on showing what is possible at age 60 and beyond!

Cat’s Before and After Fit over 60 Weight Loss Stats: 

Starting weight: 157.4

Ending weight 124.2

Total loss 33.2

Starting BF 40.62%

Ending BF 26.25%

Total BF loss 14.37%

Total inches lost 25.5

Cat’s Before and After Fit over 60 Photos: 

fit over 60 weight loss success

weight loss before and after over age 60

fit over 60 before and after weight loss

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Weight Loss After 60!

Cat’s Hitch Fit Story and Review: 

I’m 63, wife, Mom, have 8 grand kids  and 2 great grand kids, we own our own business, have acreage, horses, dogs and cats, we keep busy all the time! How will I have the time to focus and work out?

First off, I want to give a big shout of thanks to Diana! Your guidance and support has been wonderful and so greatly appreciated!

Second, and I do not like admitting this but, I am a returning client of Hitch Fit. There, I said it. In my opinion, I failed but, through our failures or our falls, we pick ourselves up learn from them.

I have always been what you call a yo-yo, up, down, up & down.

As a kid I was, as I say, a chunk. I always say that I went from birth to 115 lbs in 60 seconds flat!

I first started with Hitch Fit in July of 2014. Prior to making that phone call I was sitting at about 183 lbs. I did drop 13 lbs before I started. Through that transformation I dropped an additional 44 lbs.

I felt fantastic and lost another 5 lbs after that. I kept at it and kept it off for a little over 3 years then it started creeping back up.

A trip to Ireland in 15, didn’t gain, A trip to New York in 18, didn’t gain. A trip to Italy in 19, pasta every day, didn’t gain, but we walked everywhere! When I got home I thought, Oh, I can do this, I’ve got this…..Nope! I was only kidding myself!

A couple of pounds here and there, then 5 then 10 and kept telling myself I’ve got to get this off, them back up to 157! I was miserable.

My husband and I could eat the exact  same thing, I would gain weight, he didn’t!

celebrate life after 60

Fast forward to April 2021

I would keep checking out Hitch Fit, see the amazing transformations, telling myself that I had to sign up again.

I know where I had been and wanted to get back there again. Excuses kept coming up ( not good ones but excuses anyway).

There was truthfully no excuse for it because I knew what needed to be done and knew how to do it, plus, I have a workout room downstairs with the bench, bands, weights, elliptical so what was my excuse?

That was it, just an excuse!  FINALLY,  I knew I had to do it, to reach out, for help and for accountability.

fitness plans for women

I am one that needs to be accountable to someone. Having to do my measurements, check body fat and weight on a weekly basis and relay my stats to someone is what I needed.

In comes Diana, who, by the way, is a complete jewel!

Work outs &  cardio? When am I honestly going to accomplish this? Between running our own business , the farm, the horses and chores, finish up late, then finally dinner and bed. So the best time for me was in the early morning. I would cringe every day the alarm went off! I did persevere, it was hard at first. I’d be working out and say to myself “ Can I really do this?”

I did it! 5 days a week. Saturdays and Sundays were off, although, there were some weekends that I’d continue.

There is a little community center a couple of minutes away from our shop, so I joined there and would do my cardio during lunch.

Diana was so awesome, her encouraging words, that I could do it, I could reach my goals, that what I wanted to accomplish was definitely doable OR her words of, if I’d have a slip up, telling me to just get right back at it.

I feel fantastic, I still have some goals I want to reach and I know the only way to do that is to stick with it.

I always hear her words in my head. We take the horses and go camping and riding, I TRY to eat as I should but, well, let’s just say that when we camp we eat,  and this last time I made a big pot of Chicken and dumplings, I heard her voice saying get right back at it! I did.

This has GOT to be a lifetime change. I know and realize that there will be times that I go off occasionally but I do have to get right back at it because if I don’t, I know where I’ll end up and I DON’T want to end up there AGAIN. It is a struggle, it’s real and no, it is not easy.

I can’t say enough good about Hitch Fit and about Diana.  I know she will be there for me all the time with encouragement and ideas,  with ways to push through any struggles I may have.”

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