Garlic Shrimp Stir Fry – Carmy

March 30, 2022

This veggie-packed Garlic Shrimp Stir Fry is so easy to make and comes together in less than 20 minutes! Have dinner ready on the table in no time thanks to this easy shrimp recipe.

There’s nothing I love more than a quick-cooking protein. Shrimp thaws so quickly (great if you’ve forgotten to defrost something the night before) and cooks up in minutes. Seriously, it’s the best.

Bowl of rice underneath garlic shrimp stir fry.

Why You’ll Love This Easy Shrimp Recipe

  • It’s packed with veggies that gives the dish a nice colourful affect. This is pretty much my version of eating the rainbow! The more colourful veggies you can add in there, the tastier it’ll be.
  • It’s a beginner friendly recipe that anyone can make. You either just toss everything in the pan and cook. 3 minutes for the veggies, 2 minutes for the shrimp, and then 1 minute for the sauce! Can’t get any easier than this.
  • This garlic shrimp stir fry leans towards Asian flavours using the traditional stir fry ingredients for the sauces. These are all staples in my pantry and you probably have them on hand as well.

Ingredients You’ll Need

Ingredients needed to make garlic shrimp stir fry.
  • soy sauce — I usually try to use low sodium soy sauce.
  • oyster sauce — don’t worry, while it’s made from oyster extract, it doesn’t taste like oysters!
  • sesame oil — I prefer toasted sesame oil, but pure sesame oil works as well.
  • sambal oelek chili paste — this is the one I use. See below for a photo!
  • brown sugar — for some sweetness.
  • garlic — the more, the better!
  • cornstarch — to thicken the sauce.
  • olive oil — or neutral oil of your choice. Avocado oil is a great option.
  • onion — you can use any onion you have on hand, from yellow to sweet to red.
  • bell peppers — I like using red bell peppers because they’re the sweetest. Feel free to swap for yellow or orange bell peppers.
  • snow peas
  • mushrooms — you can use whatever mushrooms you like. I use sliced baby bellas but white mushrooms work just as fine.
  • pepper
  • shrimp — tails removed and deveined are my go-to to keep prep time down.
  • optional: salt
sambal oelek chili sauce.

How to Make Garlic Shrimp Stir Fry

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