Good Night Love Messages For Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend(s)

December 31, 2020

 Are you going to spend the night away from your love and want to wish him/her a very good night sleep? Do you need an idea to write him a good night text my love?

Check out these good night love messages that you can use to wish your love a very good night sleep

The most beautiful good night texts …

1.Close your pretty eyes may my love be like a beacon that leads you in the darkness of sleep to a quiet awakening. Good night, my treasure.  

2-    With my mind I watch over you. On your sleep, like a shadow near you until the sun rises. Good night Sweetheart.

3-    Just an SMS to say good night my angel, I love you.

4-    With this SMS I would like to bring you a wave of sweetness and love to accompany you all night long. Sweet dreams my love. 

5– With    this SMS I come to wish you a good night’s sleep, with lots of sweet dreams. 

6 You are far from me tonight, but that will not prevent me from saying goodnight to you my love. 

8- I wish you a night with all my love. May your night be calm and peaceful, with dreams of happiness, and may the angels take care of you. Goodnight My Love.

If you are far from your love and You are about to sleep, do not forget to say good night to him or her with a nice message of love that will make him/her happy and will make you both want to sleep and dream of each other

Discover a collection of the most beautiful good night messages.

Good Night Messages

Good night message: Sweet dreams …

Under this starry sky of this magnificent night I am sending you this message of tenderness to wish you a wonderful night with sweet dreams.

Good night message: When night comes …

When the night closes the parenthesis of the day and the moon exposes all its splendor. I take this opportunity to wish you a good night my love.

Good night message: Never without saying good night to you …

I can’t go to sleep without wishing you good night. I send you a bed of happiness, a blanket of sweetness and a pillow of love, so that you have a good night my love.

Good night message: I would like to be with you tonight …

I would like to be very close to you at this moment, I would like to be the pillow on which you will lay your head and closing those sublime eyes, I will take you in a dream full of sweetness, but alas, I am far away. So, I wrote this message to say goodnight to you sweetheart.

Good night message: I miss you …

Good night my love, I miss your sweet voice and your beautiful face, no longer being with you at this hour, no longer hearing your heart beat, no longer smelling your smell. it’s a great pain for me, sleep well my angel …

Good night message: I sing to you good night …

With a rose in my hand and a smile on my face, I sing you, my heart, a beautiful love song to say goodnight to you my love …

Good night message: A sweet night …

At this moment I would like to be a wave of sweetness and tenderness that accompanies you all night. May this night be calm and sweet. Sleep well my angel.

Good night message: I dream of you every night …

Every night when I close my eyes to sleep I see your beautiful eyes and your smile. It fills me with joy and it makes me want to sleep to find you in my dreams, I wish you good night my love.

Good night message: I would like to take you in the arms …

I miss you my love, I would like so much to hug you rather than having to wish you good night with this message.

Good night message: Good night with humor …

We are announcing for this night, a tornado of big hugs that will fall on your room and will be accompanied by a rain of big kisses, do not shelter yourself. Goodnight My Love…

Good night message: Kisses to wish you good night …

If you’re feeling lonely tonight, look up to the sky. Each star you see is a kiss that I send you to wish you a sweet night.

Good night message: My dream is to be with you …

I hope that one day my dream will come true and that I will wake up next to you. In the meantime, I can only wish you good night with this little message …

Find the most beautiful messages to say good night to your soul mate

Good Night Messages 

Good night message 01

Love is when I fall asleep in your arms and wake up in your dreams.

Good night message 02

Sweet Dreams. You are the only one who touched my heart. It will always be yours. Sleep well, my only love. I love you.

Good night message 03

I long for you, day and night, for your passion, your caresses, your love.

Good night message 04

I kiss you like a snowflake, which comes to rest on your lips. To you, my pretty white rose that haunts my dreams.

Good night message 05

I wish I could be with you every night, watch you sleep and kiss you with love garlic, Good night my love.

Good night message 06

In this path of flowers of a thousand colors there is one that capsizes my heart and you are this flower that capsizes my little heart. I have a poetic soul tonight, but I know it is late I blow you a kiss and let you dream.

Good night message 07

I love when you look at me at night, like an angel who reveals himself with your beautiful star gaze, this gaze that dazzles me.

Good night message 08

The weather forecast announces for this night a strong roar of love, a heart-shaped lightning bolt and fine rains which will fall on your lips as our love.

Good night message 09

Yesterday evening I dreamed of you my baby, the day I drooled without being able to resist this first kiss, for me it was love at first sight, a feeling of thirst. It was a never-ending moment, no time to dream and then wake up and continue to love each other with unfinished love.

Good night message 10

I am going to heaven to put your name on a golden star, so that all the angels can see how much my love for you is so strong.

Good night message 11

I send you a plane of kisses in a sky of love covered with a cloud of tenderness carried by a wind of happiness, hoping that it will crash on your heart.

Good night message 12

Last night in my dreams I imagined you dancing on the moon under a starry sky. Your eyes shone in the darkness of the night, such beauty in the radiant light of the moon. We laughed and we smiled. We were floated through the air in our world, our hearts filled with passion and so much romance, as the dream ended with a sweet kiss.

Good night message 13

Wonderful passion when you pose on me, this languid gaze, my whole body is in turmoil. I feel an intense desire rising, under your warm kisses, I start to shudder. Your caresses seem to possess me, I try to resist, but my heart is the strongest. I surrender my body to you, with a deep sigh. This magnificent union fills us with emotion and when our passion is satisfied, we remain body to body, united, to find sleep, Our love is a pure wonder.

Good night message 14

At night you are in my dreams, by day you haunt my thoughts, but the only place I don’t see you is in my arms.

Good night message 15

With a rose in my hand and a smile on my face, with the piano of my heart I will sound a beautiful melody to you with the scent of a flower to say goodnight to you my heart.

Good night message 16

The end of a day is only the beginning of a new one. Save your good mood for a coming tomorrow. Keep courage and hope in life and never give up on your dreams. Good night.

Good night message 17

I dreamed again last night, you were there with open arms waiting for me with the smile on your face and the light in your eyes. You came to my rescue, give me love I ran for you to hold you to love you, but then I woke up until the next dream to find you.

Good night message 18

I send you a boat of kisses on a wave of tenderness in an ocean of love to tell you I love you.

Good night message 19

When the night comes, when things are at rest, when the eyelids close, like a folding rose, I love this moment when I say to you with all my love. Good night.

Good night message 20

If I were a bird I would fly over all the villages to see your face, if I were a cloud I would fly over to your window to say good night.

Good night message 21

I sent an angel to protect you, but he came back to tell me that an angel could not watch over another.

Good night message 22

When I go to bed without you, I hurry to fall asleep, because I will dream of your kisses and I will wake up amazed.

Message n ° 23

I offer you a candle to light up your night, a feather to fill your room with magic, a sweet melody to wish you a very good night.

Message n ° 24

Before going to bed, look out the window, the stars you will see are the thousands of kisses that I send you.

Message n ° 25

I want to hold you tight, caress you as you like, feel your vibrations that only ask me. I would like to sleep with you my tender love.

Message n ° 26

I send you carriages of kisses on rails of tenderness.

Simple Texts/Messages

The stars and the moon are shining, and I want to come and give you lots of hugs, with lots of love and thousands of kisses. And when bedtime arrives take you in my arms and say goodnight my love.  

Good night my love, close your eyes and may in the darkness of the night, my voice guide you to a world of beautiful dreams. 

Tonight I come to wish you good night, hoping that you will join me in my dreams so that together we will have a great night. Goodnight My Love. 

I cannot fall asleep without wishing you good night my love, I already miss your sweet voice and your beautiful face, I hope that I will find you again tonight in my dreams.

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