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November 14, 2021

John’s goal was to Get Fit At 55.  He did absolutely amazing but the journey getting there was not easy.  You will read below the adversity that John went through. He dropped 25.8 lbs and 6″ off his stomach, those accomplishments are outstanding.

John’s Results

Starting Weight- 175.8 lbs , Ending Weight- 150 lbs

Starting Stomach- 36″, Ending Stomach- 30″

John’s Story

It has been one hell of a journey over the last several weeks mentally and physically for both Melissa and I.   My Dad passed away with cancer 10 weeks into my program, If that were not enough Covid hit and closed down everything including our gym for almost 2 months. 

Lose Belly Fat

Melissa and I are very and grateful and thankful for everything you and Diana have done for us.  From the very beginning it was very obvious that you and Diana were much more than trainers.

You were both always there every step of the way supporting us not only physically but mentally as we dealt with LIFE, THANK YOU!

Long story short my 16 week program ended up taking 22 weeks to complete but with the help of you and Diana both Melissa and I made some tremendous improvements to our bodies along with taking away a nutrition plan that we can continue to utilize for a lifetime!

Lose Back Fat


From the beginning I would have never guessed that I would Get Fit at 55 and have lost over 25 pounds and 9 inches.  Melissa has made similar gains!  As an FYI when I use your Hitch Fit body fat tool it shows that I am 11.41 vs my scale showing 16!

Again, thank you both for pushing us and showing us that anything is possible with a little work and dedication!  The phrase “nothing worthwhile is easy” is so fitting for our journey, but we made it and couldn’t be happier!

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