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February 4, 2022

Inspiring Transformation Journey to the Fitness Stage. On day one at Hitch Fit, Jessa had a BIG DREAM!

She envisioned one day stepping on a stage at a fitness competition. She knew it would be a journey, but she was ready to make it happen. She was ready to put the work in, and make the changes.

She successfully completed her first transformation with Hitch Fit Coach Diana Chaloux-LaCerte, and focused on maintaining the lifestyle changes she had learned, while working on building more muscle as her goal was to compete in the Wellness division.

In 2021, the time had finally arrived to take things to the next level! Jessa dialed things in, and gave this transformation for the stage her all. She stepped on that stage, fulfilling a lifelong dream, in June 2021 at the WBFF Orlando in the Wellness division!

As a coach, this triumph was incredible to witness! Here she was, filled with confidence. The day had finally arrived! Jessa stepped on that stage and fulfilled this dream that she had envisioned for years!

This transformation did NOT happen overnight! Through the course of her journey, Jessa lost over 75 pounds and over 30% body fat. It took time, it took dedication and it took discipline. But it was worth every ounce of effort!

Maybe you have a big goal, a dream that you want to achieve, but like Jessa, you know you have a long way to go. The most important thing to know is that you CAN do it. Please continue reading to hear more of Jessa’s inspiring journey!

Jessa’s Before and After Photos: 

before and after inspiring 75 pound weight loss

lose 75 pounds bikini model body

bikini model 75 pound weight loss

Jessa’s Hitch Fit Transformation Story: 

“I’ve wanted to compete in a body building competition for a really long time.

Most of my life I’ve set huge goals and I find a lot of joy in setting them, working hard to achieve them, and then achieving them.

However, though out the process I can get tunnel vision and then once I achieve that goal I’m left feeling empty and am focused on setting the next goal. To compete there is a degree of tunnel vision that is needed. You have to make yourself a priority-planning workouts and prepping your food for the week.

In this process though, I learned to enjoy the journey and was able to redefine success.

I had to ask myself a lot of questions.  What is my overall goal? What’s my why? How do I define success? What are my metrics? What are my values and do my values line up with my goal?

Some of my surface goals were to place in the top 5 of my category and let’s be honest it was to also look like a fitness model.

I mean, I am competing in a body building competition where I am judged on my physique.

However, I knew that these goals would not sustain me as I got deeper into prep.  It’s definitely not going to give me the discipline to wake up at early every morning to train.

My goal became to see out the greatest version of myself and present that on stage.

I didn’t place in the top 5 and that was hugely disappointing but after I acknowledged it and worked through it I was able to see that I accomplished my main goal!  I DID become the greatest version of myself and present that on stage.

inspiring transformation journey to the fitness stage

Throughout this process, I was able to redefine what success means to me and to really evaluate how I measure it.

I’m very competitive so at first it was easy to define success based on the outcome.  To measure success based of the scale, my measurements, and body fat.  At times, I would get fixated on my body fat and that was not healthy for me.  I learned to measure success on my daily goals, like did I challenge myself in that workout and did I stay on track with my food plan today.

It became fun to compete with myself, pushing myself within each work out-to lift a little heavier or run just a little faster.  I found the most joy here!  Overtime, I came up with a new definition of success: continuing personal growth, embracing the process, and having fortitude as I embrace the challenge and process.  I think I did just that!

Looking back, another piece that I’ve had to evaluate through this process are my own values.

I value continual self-improvement emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. I value learning about different areas of life and about myself along the way.  I also value embracing suffering as it’s inevitable. I value friendship, family, love, work and play.  This opportunity and sport has allowed me to live out these values.  It’s not easy because when in the thick of it I have to make hard choices and sometimes these values conflict with each other.

Overall, I am thankful for this experience and I plan to compete again.  I have learned a lot about myself throughout the process.

I am so thankful for Diana and Micah at Hitch Fit.

When it was hard and when I had doubts, they were there encouraging, challenging, and cheering me on.  One of my favorite moments was the day of the competition when we were leaving for the night.  Diana hugged me and said that she was so proud of me.  It was this  acknowledgement of all of the hard work that was put into it and a celebration of why I chose to get on that stage in the first place.  Thank you Diana!

For anyone that is thinking of competing, or for anyone doing a Hitch Fit transformation, I would encourage you to come up with a solid why, define success in your own terms, dig deep into your own values, and invite others into this process with you.

Lastly, find the fun and play in it because there’s a lot of repetition and it can become very mundane.  It’s not going to be easy but it can be done.”

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