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February 24, 2022

Sweet and refreshing, this homemade version of Hong Kong Iced Tea is so easy to make with a few easy ingredients. Just like what you’d get at a Hong Kong cafe, this lemon iced tea is the perfect drink with any meal!

If you’ve been to a Hong Kong cafe or diner (茶餐廳) or even an Asian supermarket that carries Vitasoy Lemon Tea Drink, then you’ll recognize this iconic Hong Kong style iced tea. It’s a classic drink that is a staple during the summer but it’s perfect year-round.

A glass of hong kong lemon tea with a straw.

A 茶餐廳 or a cha chaan teng is a type of restaurant commonly found in Hong Kong, Macau, and parts of Guangdong. In English, it translates to pretty much Hong Kong Style Cafes. In a way, they were like the OG fast food as the food was viewed as “cheap western food.” This iced tea is a staple and I always see it on the menu as an add-on or part of a combo.

Recently, I’ve been spotting them on menus for my local bubble tea spots too so of course, in an effort to save myself $6-7 per drink, since I’m not close to any HK cafes, I decided to make it myself. HK cafes usually sell them for under $2 so the jump to $6-7 at a boba shop is going to be a hard pass for me. It’s relatively easy to make and quite cheap.

A glass of hong kong lemon tea with a straw.

Ingredients You’ll Need

Ingredients needed to make hong kong iced tea.
  • oolong tea — when I was at Tiger Sugar, they had the option of selecting black tea or oolong tea. I prefer oolong for this Chinese iced tea but you’re welcome to experiment! I like using black tea for HK style milk tea instead. Recipe for that coming soon!
  • brown sugar — I like using muscovado sugar or dark brown sugar for Hong Kong lemon tea as it’s much sweeter than regular or light brown sugar. I’ve tried this with light brown sugar and it requires a lot more to get the same amount of sweetness that the diners have.
  • lemon — it must be fresh lemon. Part of the fun is using a straw to poke at the lemon slices as you drink to release more lemon flavour!

How to Make Hong Kong Iced Tea

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