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March 27, 2022

Did you know you can use a rice cooker to make quinoa? It comes out perfectly fluffy every single time and it’s hands off! Here’s how to cook quinoa in a rice cooker!

Did you know you can cook more than just rice in your rice cooker? I love rice cooker quinoa because it’s a hands off recipe and perfect for when you don’t want to turn on the stove (or the stove is occupied/out of commission). The quinoa comes out perfect, just like Instant Pot Quinoa but with a rice cooker instead!

A plate of quinoa with a spoon.

This method of making quinoa was perfect for when we were renovating the kitchen and didn’t have access to our kitchen! I also love how you can just push the cook button and walk away, no need to worry about a pot boiling over or waiting for the pot to come to a boil before lowering it to a simmer. Plus, the rice cooker will automatically switch to the “keep warm” function if you’re out of the house or busy. Make a large batch at the beginning of the week for meal prep or simply make enough for dinner.

Close up of a plate of quinoa.

Ingredients You’ll Need

Ingredients needed to make quinoa in a rice cooker.
  • oil spray — to keep sticking to a minimum (and clean up easier!).
  • quinoa — do you rinse your quinoa? This is debatable as it depends on your personal quinoa, while some people swear by rinsing their quinoa before cooking, I rinse mine sometimes, not always. Rinsing removes the quinoa’s natural coating, saponin, which can make it taste bitter or soapy. However, the quinoa I purchase is pre-washed and cleaned so if I’m in a rush, I skip rinsing it. If you buy your quinoa at the bulk store, then I recommend rinsing it beforehand.
  • liquid — you can use water or broth. You can even cook quinoa in orange juice for a sweeter flavour but I’ve only tried this method on the stovetop, not the rice cooker. I try to use chicken broth or vegetable broth but it’s up to you!
  • bay leaf — one or two bay leaves add a nice subtle flavour to the rice cooker quinoa.
  • salt — I add a pinch of salt.

How to Cook Quinoa in a Rice Cooker

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