Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls Reminisces on Her Olympia-winning Career

April 14, 2022

Anytime a former Ms. Olympia does an interview or has something to say, it gathers attention. So, imagine the importance of having two Ms. Olympia champions together. That’s what Isabelle Turell had when she had four-time Ms. Olympia Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls on a recent episode of The Fit Rockstar Show, and they were joined early on by eight-time Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray.

When the two legends shared camera time, Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls wasted no time expressing gratitude for the moment.

“The competitions were great, and I have a friend in you for life,” she said proudly. Murray returned the love in-kind by praising her for both her career and most importantly, her role as a mother to Morgan and Domenic, her two children.

“Your story, that’s just amazing,” said Murray. It (the competitions) seemed like it was just yesterday.”

The four-time champ said that the eight-time champ was someone she aspired to be like when she began her pursuit of bodybuilding greatness. She also revealed that her introduction to the sport was not like many others’ first foray into competitions.

“I actually did my first competition before I started lifting weights. So, I did it backwards,” she said with a smile. Turell pointed out that while the two legends competed, they also had a very close relationship. Murray explained why that was so important to both of them.

“It works better. We work better together because we were like a team,” she shared. The duo faced off on the Ms. Olympia stage four times, with Murray winning in 1993 and 1995. Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls placed first in 1996 and 1997. Murray confessed that her friend was the one that concerned her the most when it came time to compete.

“Kim was really the person that rocked me to my core. She was the only one that did that. I think that was really cool to me because I’m proud of my second place to Kim on those occasions. It’s hard for many people to understand that.”

Chizevsky-Nicholls had a great career, but she’s most proud of her two boys. Morgan, 15, is focusing on strength and football, while Domenic, 18, wants to follow in his mom’s legendary footsteps. She shared more about them and their potential, her own bodybuilding roots with her husband, Chad, and a lot more. Catch every episode of the Fit Rockstar Show over at and follow @fitrockstarshow on Instagram.

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