Sober and Healthy Living Leads to Jaw Dropping Transformation

November 14, 2021

Sober and Healthy Living Leads to Jaw Dropping Transformation.

As I share Michelle’s story today, I know that you can see the changes she made on the outside, but the even greater, life changing transformation that she went through, happened on the inside.

Michelle began her Hitch Fit journey after deciding to to change her life around and eliminate alcohol for good. As she navigated sober living, she knew she needed to take care of the other parts of her health too. The mental, emotional and physical.

Yes, she lost weight, but she gained so much confidence, going for goals, like competing in a bikini competition, something that wasn’t even a thought when she first started her journey!! Michelle was able to get off medications for anxiety and depression, and she did the work to step away from behaviors and places that weren’t serving her goals. Doing that opened up the space for new goals and new friendships.

Amazing job Michelle! What a fantastic journey it has been. Proud of the inspiration that you are!

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Michelle’s Before and After Weight Loss Stats: 

Starting weight: 166

Ending weight: 126

Starting body fat: 39.73%

Ending body fat: 19%

Michelle’s Before and After Healthy Living Photos: 

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Michelle’s Story and Hitch Fit Review: 

 “I’ve always loved working out, running, and fitness but I also loved to eat food.  A lot of it.

After making my physical health a priority, I now see that I used excessive eating and drinking alcohol as ways to numb my pain and insecurities.

At the time I thought it was “normal” to eat until I felt like I was going to barf and drink until I blacked out. I accept my past and have learned a lot about myself since then.

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It all changed in August 2018, at a time where I wasn’t feeling great about myself emotionally or physically, Micah and Diana came to my place of work to talk about taking care of your body,  and featured Rob Elsey’s transformation.

It planted a seed that these two could be just what I needed to start focusing on my physical well-being.

Less than 6 months later, and 1 month after I decided to stop drinking alcohol for good, I had the courage to reach out and connect with Diana.

My original goals were to “get off anxiety/depression/sleep medications, do 10 GOOD push ups, and be down 20ish pounds”  what I didn’t expect was that this would be the beginning of a beautiful transformation not only on the outside but on the inside too.

I slowly let go of habits (and people) that were no longer serving me.

I swapped out boozy brunches for long runs and happy hours for walks in the park.

Journaling and meditating have worked wonders for my anxiety and depression.

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Looking back, giving up alcohol was the best decision I’ve ever made, and working with Diana is a close second.

Diana invested in me right away and it was the accountability I needed to change my lifestyle.

Having her rooting for me changed everything.  There were times I wanted to give up but the thought of letting Diana down was enough to push through and “make good choices”, one of her favorite sayings.

She has been so much more than a personal trainer; she’s played the role of therapist, life coach, advisor, mentor, and friend. I am so lucky to work with her.

Fast forward to June 2021, I competed in my first WBFF Bikini competition surrounded by my Hitch Fit family.

That evening I sat with Micah and Diana and Rob and his beautiful wife Anissa which their original talk featured.

It was a beautiful moment and I will be forever grateful.

I am now off all medications,  alcohol free for 2.5 years,  ran a marathon, did a bikini competition, and am on the look out for my next physical challenge.

I love this new way of living.  I love feeling good!”

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