The Most Romantic Goodnight SMS For Your Girlfriend

December 31, 2020

Whether you like it or not, girls, while they don’t always readily admit it, often appreciate a touch of romance in romantic relationships! 

If you don’t nurture this little flame in the beginning, if you don’t regularly remind her that she matters to you, and quite simply, that you love her, your girlfriend could quickly end up blaming you for it.

Want to avoid this? Easy. There is a simple and effective way to maintain the regular dose of romance your girlfriend needs: the romantic good night text (which works just as well for “Hello”!).

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Here is a small selection of good night text messages.

Generalist romantic good night SMS

“I send you a ship of kisses, riding a wave of tenderness, in an ocean of love. Good night Sweetheart. “

“I asked the sandman to come rock you, blow you my sweet kiss, then let you dream. Good night darling. “

“If the nights were as sweet as you, there would be in this world only starry nights, accompanied by shooting stars in squadron. Goodnight My Angel ! “

“Of a kiss under a starry night I will dream. Do you see all those stars? These are all the kisses that I come to place on your bare skin … Good night my love! “

“I loaded the sandman with a momentous mission. In addition to coming to help you sleep, he will give you three tons of kisses from me. Remember to confirm the receipt of the order! Sweet dreams my darling. “

“I send you a plane filled with kisses, in a sky of love, covered with a cloud of tenderness, carried by a wind of happiness. I hope it will crash right into your heart! Good night darling. “

“If I were a bird, I would fly over all towns and villages looking for your face; if I were a cloud, I would fly to your window, so I could say goodnight to you. “

Romantic good night texts if you are not with your sweetheart

“This night is very strange for me, because for the first time in a long time you are not in my arms. Let’s not think about it, but let’s remember the best evenings and nights spent together. Good night my darling, I love you. “

“Even though you are far from me tonight, I remember, and will never forget, to wish you the sweetest night, as always. May she be full of starry dreams. Good night my angel, I miss you. “

“Honey, I would love to be by your side right now!” Have a good night, have beautiful and sweet dreams. I miss you and I love you. “

More Romantic Goodnight Messages For Her

♥  Good night my love. I love you so much that I would dream of you every night until the end of my life.

♥   Hurry to sleep, to find me in my dream because I will dream of your kisses and your sweetness.

♥   You are far from me tonight, but I will not forget you! like every evening, I come to wish you the most beautiful night with many sweet dreams. I miss you.

♥   Through this message, a kiss comes to rest on your lips and it will eventually take you to a world of sweetness. so that your eyes close and you fall asleep for a night full of sweet dreams.

♥   Please my angel, think of me before you go to sleep and maybe find yourself in a beautiful dream! Good night.

♥   Far from you but under the same star-covered sky, I think strongly of you and I hope to find you in my dreams. Have a sweet night my love. See you tomorrow.

♥   My bed is so cold without your warmth! My pillow, as soft as it is, will not replace your softness! I hope to find you in my dreams. I’m kissing you strongly.

♥   Before falling asleep I remember the beautiful moments I spent with you. Know that I will think of you every night before sinking into the sweet dreams of sleep. I love you.

♥    Little message to tell you, tonight, how much I love you and how lucky I am to have you in my life! Good night, sleep well, I love you.

♥ I know you had a hard day. So to comfort you I come to wish you a good night full of sweet dreams.

Messages to say good night to her.

♥   I am sending you this little message loaded with love and tenderness to wish you to spend the sweetest night! Sleep well, I love you.

♥   When I close my eyes before sleeping. I see your face, your smile and I remember the beautiful moments when we spent together. It allows me to have a very good night! Goodnight My Love. I love you.

♥   When the night erases the daylight, and the moon gently shines on us, I do not forget to wish you good night my love!

♥   The stars say good night to you, the jasmine flower perfumes your bed, and my heart tells you I love you for life!

♥   Unfortunately I am not by your side for the night, but I am sending you this message to wish you to have sweet dreams.

♥   On this sweet night, let me rock your sleep with a soft and tender whisper, good night my love.

♥    Do not wait to go to bed to join me in my dreams, I am waiting for you, come join me in the land of love.

♥    In the calm and silence of this night, I come to kiss you and say goodnight to you my love.

♥    Life is too hard when I’m away from you. Goodnight My Love.

♥    I couldn’t fall asleep before saying goodnight to you my love. Have nice dreams.

A selection of messages to wish your love a good night.

Good night SMS to send to your other half tonight …

  • With a rose in my hand and a smile on my face, with the piano of my heart I ring a beautiful melody with the scent of a flower to say goodnight to you my angel…
  • Good evening, may the sky full of stars embrace your night with a golden light, the moon will watch over you and I could wish you good night.
  • Good night, beautiful little swallow, fly to a beautiful destination that will make you dream.
  • When I close my eyes I see your smile and your beautiful eyes. It fills me with joy. I’ll be able to have a good night’s sleep. Good night to you too. Kisses.
  • I’m going to bed. I am warning you so that you do not delay going to bed. You are not by my side, but join me in my dreams and take me in your arms.
  • Good night my love, sweet dreams me I will dream of you since you are my most beautiful dream.
  • Look in the sky, you see the star shining very brightly, it is the kiss that I send you to wish you a very good night.

Romantic SMS To Say Goodnight To Your Sweetheart.

Love Text Good Night

Love text good night 01

When the night comes, when things are at rest and when the eyelids close. Like a folding rose, I love this moment when I say to you with love “Good night my angel” …

Love text good night 02

My darling, I would love to be by your side right now! Have a good night, have sweet dreams. I miss you.

Love text good night 03

Sleeping without wishing a good and peaceful night to those who matter in my life is a violation of my oath of love so have a good night.

Sweet dreams my love SMS 04

Tonight a sweet dreams tribute party will come to visit you from me. I gave her tons of affection and a big kiss for you. Good night !

SMS love good night 05

You can tell a baby not to cry, you can tell the birds not to sing, but you can’t tell my heart not to love you. Good night darling.

Sweet dreams my love SMS 06

Of a kiss under this starry night I will dream. Look at all her stars, it’s all these kisses that I come to drop for you… Good night my angel.

SMS Good night my love 07

I send you a kiss of love, light as a feather, it will come to rest on your pillow to join you in your dreams. Good night Sweetheart.

Good night my love SMS 08

Just because you’re not in my bed tonight doesn’t mean I’m not going to say goodnight to you and wish you goodnight. I love you my dear.

Good night my love SMS 09

May all the waves of the sea, all the perfumes of flowers, all the angels of paradise gather around your bed to say good night to you …

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