Weight Loss For Women Over 50

February 12, 2022

Fit over 55 women

Weight Loss For Women Over 50.

You’re over age 50, and wondering if it’s possible to lose weight. Maybe you are going through Peri-menopause, or menopause took it’s toll on your body and you’re not sure if change is possible.

Maybe you’ve even gone to the doctor and he/she told you that there’s nothing that can be done. You’re just at “that age”. It’s just life. This is NOT true. Don’t believe it. Don’t receive it. (And you should find a new doctor!)

It is completely false that women over the age of 50 can’t make great changes to their health and fitness.

Over the years at Hitch Fit (since 2009), we have seen so many female clients in their 50’s go through remarkable transformations. They are typically amazed at what their body is capable of achieving when they change their eating and exercise habits!

We find that realizing they CAN lose weight, and even get in AMAZING shape, is a huge relief.

As our Fit over 50 women’s club has grown, we have had more and more of these incredible clients want to share their stories.

The goal is to inspire other women, who think there is no hope, to CHANGE that thinking, COMMIT to the process, and CREATE something new in their body.

We have seen clients get in the BEST shape of their entire lives after the age of 50! And you can do it too.

Here are just a handful of the amazing Hitch Fit Over 50 Women transformations. Be inspired. Click through and read their full stories.

And when you’re ready to change. We’d love to help!! Register for your Hitch Fit Online Plan today.

If you have questions, or need help choosing the right plan for you, you can write directly to Hitch Fit Coach Diana Chaloux-LaCerte at [email protected] .

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Get Fit over 55

Check out Lori. She got in amazing shape at age 55 with Hitch Fit Fitness Model plan!

Fitness Model Over 50

Weight Loss at age 59

Cynthia’s biggest goal at age 59 was to get off of medications and start making healthier choices so that she could keep up with her grandchildren.



Weight Loss at age 59

Over 50 Pounds Lost at age 55

Jackie simply didn’t believe that it was possible to lose 50 pounds at age 55 when she began her Hitch Fit journey!! It took time, and dedication, but it was well worth the results. She now has a new healthy body, so much more energy, and every ounce of effort was worth it.

Amazing Before and after female


Jaw Dropping Fit over 50 Transformation

Anissa had a major shift in life focus when she and her husband adopted their two young children in their 50’s. Being healthy and fit was no longer an option with these two new little ones! She decided to tackle a huge goal of competing in a fitness competition. She got in the best shape of her entire life in her 50’s!

Inspiring Fit over 50 Weight Loss


Weight Loss Plans

Fitness for Women over age 50

Veronica completely changed her life around with Hitch Fit. After the doctors told her that change wasn’t possible, she decided to commit to Hitch Fit and see what could happen!

weight loss over 50 women

Bikini Body Over 50

Tara didn’t just want to lose some weight, she had the goal of being in Bikini Body Shape at age 50!! She knew she could get there with the Hitch Fit Bikini Plan. She crushed it!

Bikini Body Plans for Women over 50

Get in Shape After Beating Cancer

Mary wanted to get her health and fitness back to a great place after beating cancer! At age 56, she went through the Hitch Fit process and regained strength and energy, and was able to return back to her love of running too!

Get fit after beating cancer


Lose 25 Pounds After Age 50

Dana was finally ready to make some changes at age 51! She was tired of not feeling well in her body, but didn’t believe that there was nothing that could be done. She lost 25 pounds with Hitch Fit!

fit over 50 body transformation


Get in Fitness Competition Shape at age 53

Crystal literally got in the best shape of her entire life at age 53!! When she began her Hitch Fit journey, stepping on a stage to compete was the last thing on her mind. But as she committed to the lifestyle, she wanted bigger and bigger goals. Now at 53, she is in amazing shape, with abs that she never imagined she could have!


Get in Fitness Competition Shape at age 53

Reduce Cholesterol and Improve Health after 50

Theresa’s goal was to reduce her cholesterol, which was getting dangerously high due to her lifestyle choices. She committed to Hitch Fit and lost 20 pounds, but even better, she got the cholesterol down significantly!

Reduce Cholesterol and lose weight


Are you convinced yet?

If you are 50+ and ready to make significant changes to your health and fitness, then get started with Hitch Fit today!

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